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  • JNE: Formation of Companies in Switzerland

    Taxation of Swiss Companies

    Why Use Switzerland?

    Switzerland is an attractive jurisdiction for the establishment of companies, as a location for individuals and for the provision of trust services. Advantages include:

    Low rates of corporate tax for Swiss companies.

    Lump Sum Tax for non-Swiss resident individuals.

    A Swiss company can act as Trustee of a Trust formed under the Law … more

  • JNF: UK Jurisdiction note

    Why Use a UK Company?

    The UK Government has introduced many changes to make the UK tax system more competitive. This has led to the return of UK holding companies, the re-shoring of manufacturing and increased UK based research and development (R&D). 

    United Kingdom (UK) entities have a respectable international image and can be used tax efficiently for cross border trading and as international … more

  • JNB2: Isle of Man Jurisdiction Note 2006


    Isle of Man companies benefit from a zero rate of tax on trading and investment income.  They are also able to register for VAT, and businesses in the Isle of Man are treated by the rest of the EU for VAT purposes as if they are in the UK.

    Isle of Man companies are therefore particularly useful for:

    Holding investment portfolios and participations in other … more

  • JNB1: Formation of Companies in the Isle of Man Companies Act 1931 (as amended)

    Isle of Man companies benefit from a zero rate of tax on trading and investment income.  They are also able to register for VAT, and businesses in the Isle of Man are treated by the rest of the EU for VAT purposes as if they are in the UK.

    Isle of Man companies are therefore particularly useful for:

    Holding investment portfolios and participations in other companies. This is due to the zero … more

  • IN318 - What is the UK Remittance Basis of Taxation and How Can it be of Benefit?

    Advantages Available Through the Use of the UK Remittance Basis Of Taxation

    The UK continues to offer significant tax advantages for individuals who are resident but not domiciled in the UK. This is due to the availability of the remittance basis of taxation.  The availability of the remittance basis for longer term residents will be restricted from April 2017. Additional advice should be … more

  • IN391 - Portuguese Golden Visa and the Non-Habitual Residents Tax Scheme - Making Portugal an Attractive Location for Residence

    Since the introduction of Portugal’s “Golden Visa” and a special tax regime for non-habitual residents, Portugal has become a destination of choice for many non-EU nationals.

    The Golden Visa enables non-EU residents to not only be resident in Portugal, but to also move freely within the Schengen Zone.  The “Non-Habitual Residents Regime” means that they can also enjoy low taxes or, in some cases, … more

  • Nevis1b - Redomiciliation Of Bvi Companies To Nevis For Dissolution Purposes: A Cheaper And More Efficient Alternative

    Nevis and the British Virgin Islands (BVI) are leading international Caribbean financial centres, and both offer a good reputation and excellent standards.

    Potentially Reduced Costs

    Recent changes to legislation in the BVI mean that the cost of formally dissolving a BVI company in the BVI has increased considerably.

    In an ever competitive world where clients are cost sensitive, Nevis can … more

  • INGF1 - Guernsey Foundations


    On 25 July 2012 the States of Deliberation, Guernsey’s Parliament, approved the projet de loi The Foundations (Guernsey) Law, 2012 (the “Law”). The Law came into force on 7 January 2013.

    The Law is divided into three parts - the substantive law and two schedules. The first schedule deals with administrative matters, such as the establishment of foundations and their registration. The … more

  • INMF1 - Malta Foundations

    An Alternative to Trusts in Malta

    In 2007 Malta enacted specific foundation legislation to clearly define the legal framework for foundations in Malta, provide legal certainty and resolve any possible confusion created by local case law. More recently Malta has also enacted specific legislation regulating the taxation of foundations which further enhances Malta as a jurisdiction for … more

  • IN276 - The Advantages Of Redomiciling A Company To Malta


    Since its entry into the European Union (EU) in 2004, Malta has gained a reputation as a leading financial centre within the EU Zone. Malta’s geographic proximity to continental Europe and to North Africa, its multi-lingual workforce and comparatively low overhead costs have helped Malta to develop as a favourable location within the EU to conduct international trade.

    Why Consider … more

  • IN206 - Nevis Entities And The Economic Citizenship Programme: A Summary Of The Advantages They Offer


    The Federation of St Kitts and Nevis has been an independent country since 1983. It is a one hour flight to Puerto Rico, three hours to Miami and eight hours to the UK. Direct flights to all of these destinations are available from St Kitts.

    Under the constitution of the Federation, Nevis is able to introduce its own legislation, and in 1984 established its international business … more

  • IN206 (SP) - Entidades De Nieves Y Ciudadanía Económica Un Resumen De Las Ventajas


    La Federación de San Cristóbal y Nieves es un país independiente desde 1983. Está a una hora de vuelo de Puerto Rico, a tres horas de Miami y a ocho horas del Reino Unido. Hay vuelos directos para todos estos destinos desde San Cristóbal.

    Según la Constitución de la Federación, Nieves puede promulgar su propia legislación, y en 1984 estableció su sector de negocios internacionales … more

  • Constitución de una sociedad limitada en Chipre


    Chipre es la tercera isla más grande y popular en el Mediterráneo. Situada al este de Grecia y al sur de Turquía fue dividida en dos en 1955. La República de Chipre comprende aproximadamente el 59% de la isla y ya es miembro de la Unión Europea. Turquía controla la parte norte de la isla, pero solo está la considera un estado soberano.

    Los factores … more

  • IN174 - Trusts: The Importance Of Accounts And Detailed Accounting

    Dixcart Assistance

    Dixcart can provide advice to the trustees of trusts established outside of the UK, who are not familiar with UK tax law. Advice may be needed to ensure that such trustees are making tax efficient distributions to any UK resident beneficiaries. We can also advise trustees on how to keep accounting records to ensure that they are able to provide the information that UK resident … more

  • IN286 - Developing Trends: International Business In Guernsey


    International business centres each offer their own unique range of features and  advantages.

    A distinguishing characteristic of the jurisdiction of Guernsey is the expertise and experience offered by the professionals on the island.

    Examples of the Types of Businesses Moving to Guernsey

    The depth of fiduciary experience available in Guernsey means that a number of business … more

  • IN224 (SP) - Las Ventajas De Nieves Para El Establecimiento O Traslado De Una Fundación


    Nieves es una isla situada en las Indias Occidentales con un gobierno plenamente dedicado al sector financiero.

    Un vehículo corporativo innovador

    La “Multiform Foundations Ordinance” entró en vigor en Nieves el 1 de octubre de 2005. Con esta ley se introdujo en el sistema internacional de servicios financieros de Nieves un tipo híbrido y flexible de fundación. Este vehículo es un … more

  • IN222 - Company Management Services Available Through Dixcart In The UK


    The World Bank has rated the UK as the eighth easiest place to do business (to June 2014) out of 189 countries surveyed. This survey takes into account a number of factors, ranging from taxation to employment law, to the enforceability of contracts. 

    Location of a European Holding Company in the UK

    The UK has also become an attractive place to locate a European Holding Company (see … more

  • IN291 - Captive Insurance - New Opportunities

    UK Controlled Foreign Company Rule

    In a hardening insurance market changes in the UK Controlled Foreign Company (CFC) rules can, in the correct circumstances, make captive insurance arrangements more attractive to UK businesses.

    The CFC rules are essentially anti-avoidance rules designed to prevent a company from artificially moving its profits abroad, to a country with more favourable tax … more

  • IN295 - Taking The First Steps Into International Markets


    Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are frequently encouraged to grow their businesses by exporting or expanding abroad.

    Taking the first steps into the international market can be daunting. Connecting with the right people is key to success in international trade and investment. The problem for SMEs can be how to make these contacts.

    The Best Approach to Develop International … more

  • IN194 - Nevis Multiform Foundations



    Nevis is an island situated in the West Indies, obtaining independence as part of St Kitts and Nevis in 1983 and with a Government fully committed to the finance industry.

    An Innovative Corporate Vehicle

    The Multiform Foundations Ordinance came into force in Nevis on 1st October 2005. It introduced a flexible hybrid type of Foundation into the Nevis … more