Our Culture

Independent and Family Owned

We are INDEPENDENT and this means that we can provide clients with impartial advice and the best solutions to meet their needs.

We employ independent thinkers.

We are proud to be a family owned business and this is reflected in our values, both towards our clients and each other.

Even though we have a number of offices in different countries – we meet regularly and there are many deep friendships that run not only within but also across the Dixcart offices.

Making Things Happen

It is vital to work closely together to achieve client goals.

Client objectives are often complex and varied. We listen, coordinate the correct professional team for the specific objectives or task, and provide a bespoke response.

Our value added for clients is enhanced by our professional teams working together, often across different offices, all of whom know each other and understand the particular strengths and abilities of their professional colleagues.

Passion and Fun

We enjoy delivering services and solutions to meet the highest professional standards and are passionate about this. Enthusiasm and energy are key, as is having fun doing what we are good at.