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  • IN495(S) - Programa De Inversión Para Obtener La Nacionalidad De San Cristóbal y Nieves: Pago Al Fondo De Ayuda De Huracanes – Una Opción De Inversión De Menor Coste

    Comunicado de septiembre de 2017

    El gobierno de San Cristóbal y Nieves anunció el 23 de septiembre de 2017 que, como parte del Programa Económico de Nacionalidad de San Cristóbal y Nieves, puede ahora realizarse un pago al Fondo de Ayuda de Huracanes para conseguir el pasaporte sancristobaleño.

    Este programa estará vigente hasta marzo de 2018, aunque es probable que el plazo se prolongue. … more

  • IN495 - St Kitts & Nevis Citizenship by Investment Programme: Payment to the Hurricane Fund - A Lower Cost Investment Option

    Announcement September 2017

    The St Kitts & Nevis Government announced, on 23 September 2017, that as part of the St Kitts & Nevis Economic Citizenship Programme, a payment can now be made to the Hurricane Relief Fund to gain a St Kitts & Nevis passport.

    This programme currently runs until March 2018, although it is anticipated that it is likely to be extended.

    Hurricane Relief Fund Details … more

  • IN494 - Madeira International Shipping Register (MAR) - White Listed on Both Paris and Tokyo MOU

    MAR: Recognition as an International Shipping Register

    The recent publication of the 2016 Annual Report Paris MOU on Port State Control (PSC) has confirmed Portugal’s international shipping register (MAR) as highly rated in terms of quality and safety standards.

    MAR is also “White Listed” in the 2016 Annual Report of the Tokyo MOU, which is one of the most active regional PSC organisations in … more

  • IN493 - The Isle of Man Shipping Registry - An Innovative Approach

    Advisers often need to guide clients on the most suitable jurisdiction to flag an owner’s vessel. Historically, advisers have preferred tried and tested jurisdictions, but this is starting to change, due to the increasing importance of jurisdiction perception, international transparency, time differences, different legal systems and growing costs associated with certain jurisdictions. 

    Criteria … more

  • IN492 - Cyprus - An Attractive EU Yacht Scheme

    The Cyprus VAT Department has issued various guidelines (2012, 2014 and 2015) which have made Cyprus one of the most attractive jurisdictions for yacht registration in the European Union.

    Guidelines Issued in 2015

    In April 2015 the Cyprus VAT Department issued a new circular reducing the applicable VAT payable on yacht lease payments to as low as 1.9%.

    The reduced rates were made … more

  • IN491 - Registration of Ships and Yachts: Multi-Jurisdictional Services Available from Dixcart

    The priorities and key factors used to select a shipping jurisdiction are changing. Jurisdiction perception, international transparency, time differences, different legal systems and growing costs are becoming increasingly important criteria to take into consideration.

    The ownership structure for a ship and/or yacht has a number of important implications and Dixcart is able to provide advice … more

  • IN490 - Reasons Why Companies and Individuals are Relocating to the UK and a Case Study for the EU Entrepreneur Visa

    The UK is an attractive destination for individuals from outside the EU to consider moving to. They are not only attracted to the UK due to its rich culture and the British "way of life" but also because of the tax advantages that are available to both companies and individuals. 

    Tax Advantages Available to UK Companies

    One of the lowest rates of corporation tax in the Western World. … more

  • IN489 - A New Residence Scheme in Malta and Favourable Changes to the Existing Residence and Visa Programme


    The new ‘Key Employee Initiative’ programme in Malta allows for work/residence permits to be issued to prospective key (non-EU) employees within five working days from the date of the application.

    Changes to the Malta ‘Residence and Visa Programme’ now allow the applicant and main dependents to apply for long-term residence in Malta after five years of residence.

    In addition, parents … more

  • IN488 - UK Taxpayers, The Worldwide Disclosure Facility and a Three Month Extension in Certain Circumstances

    The Worldwide Disclosure Facility (WDF) runs from 5 September 2016 to 30 September 2018.

    It is designed to enable taxpayers to disclose a UK tax liability which relates wholly or partly to an offshore issue. This is the final opportunity for UK taxpayers to come forward before the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) information exchange commences. 


    The WDF is open to individuals with … more

  • IN487 - Portugal - A Family and Business Friendly Jurisdiction

    Since 2009 over 5,000 high net worth individuals and their families have made Portugal their home, attracted by the lifestyle, the Non-Habitual Resident tax regime and the Golden Visa residency programme.

    In 2014 the Portuguese Government made Portugal more attractive to companies by reforming its Corporate Tax Code to meet international standards. Since then Portuguese companies have enjoyed an … more

  • IN486 - Portugal - New Golden Visa Investment Routes

    15,000 high net worth individuals and their families have moved to Portugal since 2009.

    Portugal appears to be the place to be, with beautiful scenery and cities like Lisbon, Porto and Funchal to explore. Families who have moved to Portugal are attracted by the personal tax programme: the Non-Habitual Resident Programme. Non-EU individuals also have the option to move to Portugal by applying for … more

  • IN485 - New "60 Day" Tax Residency Rule for Individuals in Cyprus

    In July 2017, the Cyprus Parliament voted for an amendment to the current criteria used to determine Cyprus tax residency. In addition to the 183 day rule, a second test is being introduced in relation to an individual’s tax position in Cyprus.

    The  current “183 day rule” applies to individuals who have physically resided in Cyprus for more than 183 days during one calendar year.

    In addition to … more

  • IN484 - IOM Mutual Funds - For International Family Portfolios

    Wealth preservation, return and management are core objectives for the majority of successful family office situations. The ability to consolidate resources and communicate clearly on performance can provide a family with huge benefits and save time and resources.

    A mutual fund is an investment vehicle consisting of a pool of funds which can be collected from within the family for the purpose of … more

  • IN293 - UK Controlled Foreign Companies Rules - And Certain Exemptions That Can Reduce Or Remove The Obligation To Pay UK Tax

    The UK updated its foreign company (“CFC”) rules on 1 January 2013. A number of exemptions apply that can reduce or remove the obligation to pay UK tax.


    A CFC is a non-UK resident company controlled by persons in the UK.  Typically a CFC is a foreign subsidiary of a UK group, although corporate control is not required for a company to be a CFC. 

    The rules, which are essentially anti- … more

  • IN483 - Access To Complementary Services From Nevis for Professional Firms In Other Jurisdictions

    St Kitts & Nevis offers well-regulated and effective solutions for businesses around the world. It is an international financial centre with innovative corporate and wealth management solutions available to clients. 

    A number of jurisdictions are experiencing increased pressure from the wider international commercial community and/or measures taken by their own Governments. Nevis may be able to … more

  • IN482 - Benefits Offered By Nevis And The Use Of A Managed Trust Company

    Nevis offers a number of wealth planning opportunities which can provide certainty, flexibility and privacy to families who are planning for the future. 

    Numerous tax benefits are available to international companies, limited partnerships and trusts located in Nevis. These include NO income tax, NO social security tax, NO capital gains tax, NO wealth tax, and NO death duty or inheritance tax. … more

  • IN481 - Why Consider Using A Nevis International Business Company For Wealth Planning And Holding International Investments?

    Nevis is a leading international Caribbean financial centre, with a good reputation and excellent compliance standards, making it well suited to holding international investments for wealthy families.

    It can be a challenge for non-European investors to find an efficient and cost effective manner in which to make international investments. The use of a Nevis International Business Corporation ( … more

  • IN480 - St Kitts & Nevis Citizenship by Investment - A Second Passport That Can Assist With Mobility Around the World

    A Second Passport - The Caribbean Solution for Alternative Travel Documents 

    In today’s ever changing world, freedom and ease of travel are becoming ever more important. Residents of many countries suffer from a lack of mobility, which most western countries take for granted.

    Increasingly, wealthy non-EU individuals are applying for residence, and in some instances, citizenship in European … more

  • IN475 - Moving Location - A Critical Time to Plan for Succession

    Wealth – a Responsibility 

    The transfer of wealth to the next generation is a critical issue. The ability and understanding of the next generation as to how to deal with the organisation and management of the wealth being passed to them is also a vital consideration.

     A family’s financial wellbeing can be lost or reduced in disputes over control and management of the wealth. Unfortunately the … more

  • IN477 - Trusts Accounts Broken? – We Can Help Fix Them


    Trustees have never had more reason to ensure that their internal systems and controls are fit for purpose.

    The main drivers behind the need to assess these are:

    Increasing global scrutiny of wealth management structures by tax authorities

    Global transparency and exchange of information

    The establishment of beneficial ownership registers

    The pressure on and from regulators to … more