• IN472 - Yacht Registration in Malta: The Commercial and Leasing Opportunities

    During the past decade Malta has consolidated its status as an international centre of maritime excellence. Currently Malta has the largest shipping register in Europe and the sixth largest in the world. 

    Malta has also become a world leader in terms of commercial yacht registration.

    Yacht Registration in Malta

    Commercial and pleasure yachts can be provisionally registered under the Malta flag … more

  • IN465 - 2-REG Channel Islands Commercial Aircraft Registry: Case History Highlighting the Advantages of Temporary Registration

    Established in December 2013, “2-REG”, the Channel Islands Aircraft Registry, is the aircraft registry of the States of Guernsey. The nationality mark is ‘2’ followed by four letters, allowing for attractive registration marks.

    There have been 94 registrations to date of lessor owned aircraft, corporate aircraft, including a Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner, and locally owned aircraft. The registry is … more

  • IN457 - Thinking of Flagging or Reflagging a Vessel? - Malta Could be the Answer

    A lot of uncertainty has been generated within Europe following on from the Brexit vote, and certain other countries who are beginning to reassess their position within the EU. This is having an impact on the marine industry, with a number of vessel owners seeking to reflag ships and yachts.

    The choice of flag registration is an important decision and a jurisdiction must be selected that … more

  • IN448 - What Does Malta Offer as a Jurisdiction for Aviation?

    Malta’s reputation, within the EU, as an efficient and relevant jurisdiction for aircraft registration is growing rapidly. 

    Brexit negotiations could have a significant impact on UK registered aircraft doing business in the EU. Airline operators who receive their operating licences from the UK Civil Aviation Authority may no longer be deemed Community Carriers and may no longer enjoy the right … more

  • IN428 - Why The Madeira (Portugal) Shipping Register is so Popular: Flexibility and Other Advantages


    The International Shipping Register of Madeira (MAR) is Portugal’s second shipping register, created in 1989, within the framework of the International Business Centre (IBC) of Madeira.

    The objective of MAR was to offer a credible alternative to other international registers. The high quality and safety standards of a conventional register have been maintained within an attractive … more

  • IN398 - Why is Cyprus an Attractive Jurisdiction for the Registration of Aircraft?

    In March 2014 the Cypriot Tax Authorities issued new guidelines for the  registration of private aircraft, making Cyprus one of the most attractive jurisdictions in the European Union.

    The guidelines clarified the VAT treatment provided through the Cyprus Aircraft Leasing Scheme, and the potential VAT rate for aircraft registration in the EU can be effectively reduced to as low as 5% if … more

  • IN312 - Aircraft Registration: Guernsey, Isle of Man, Malta and Portugal

    Dixcart provides aircraft registration services in a number of jurisdictions. These jurisdictions have registries which offer a variety of advantages and tax efficiencies. 

    Dixcart can advise on aircraft registration and help coordinate the aircraft registration process in: Guernsey, the Isle of Man, Malta and Portugal. This can include establishing and administering the relevant ownership … more

  • IN275 - A Consideration of Shipping in the Jurisdictions of Cyprus, the Isle of Man, Madeira (Portugal) and Malta

    Dixcart can provide clients with a number of alternative ship registration solutions. 

    This note provides a brief overview of the shipping regimes in Cyprus, the Isle of Man, Madeira (Portugal) and Malta. More detailed information is available on request regarding shipping in each of the jurisdictions considered in this Article.


    Cyprus is a major ship management centre attracting … more

  • IN372 - The Cyprus Yacht Scheme: April 2015 Revisions and a Further Potential Reduction in the VAT Payable

    Guidelines issued in March 2012 made Cyprus one of the most attractive jurisdictions for yacht registration in the European Union.

    On 30th January 2014 the Cyprus VAT Department updated the guidelines confirming the advantages of the Yacht Scheme and simplifying a number of the procedures.

    What is New?

    On 29th April 2015 the Cyprus VAT Department issued a new circular reducing the applicable … more

  • IN334 - The Cyprus Yacht Scheme - Attractive Potential Reduction in VAT Payable

    Guidelines issued in March 2012 made Cyprus one of the most attractive jurisdictions for yacht registration in the European Union (EU).

    This Yacht Registration and Leasing Scheme effectively reduces the VAT rate for yacht registration in the EU to as low as 4.6% and the VAT rate on lease payments to as low as 3.8%.

    On 30 January 2014 the Cyprus VAT Department updated the guidelines, confirming … more

  • IN290 - Malta and the Application of VAT Relating to Short-Term Yacht Chartering

    The Malta ship registry is now the largest shipping register in the European Union and the 5th largest in the world. 

    During the summer of 2013 the Maltese Government issued guidelines in relation to the application of VAT on short-term yacht charters, following on from the success of the Yacht Leasing Arrangement.

    VAT Treatment for Short Term Yacht Chartering Explained

    The short-term charter … more

  • IN302 - The Advantages Offered by the New Guernsey Aircraft Register

    Guernsey's aviation registry - 2-REG was officially launched on 9th December 2013. Four aircraft have already been registered, each carrying the registry’s unique registration mark '2-' followed by four letters.

    The global private jet market has in recent years seen huge growth in new markets, such as Brazil and China whilst the G-Reg (UK) and the N-Reg (USA) are still among the world’s most … more