• IN480 - St Kitts & Nevis Citizenship by Investment - A Second Passport That Can Assist With Mobility Around the World

    A Second Passport - The Caribbean Solution for Alternative Travel Documents 

    In today’s ever changing world, freedom and ease of travel are becoming ever more important. Residents of many countries suffer from a lack of mobility, which most western countries take for granted.

    Increasingly, wealthy non-EU individuals are applying for residence, and in some instances, citizenship in European … more

  • IN475 - Moving Location - A Critical Time to Plan for Succession

    Wealth – a Responsibility 

    The transfer of wealth to the next generation is a critical issue. The ability and understanding of the next generation as to how to deal with the organisation and management of the wealth being passed to them is also a vital consideration.

     A family’s financial wellbeing can be lost or reduced in disputes over control and management of the wealth. Unfortunately the … more

  • IN471 - Malta - Attractive Residence Programmes and Tax Benefits for Expatriates

    Malta offers five residence programmes to meet different individual circumstances. Some are appropriate for non-EU individuals while others provide an incentive for EU residents to move to Malta.

    The five residence programmes and the tax benefits they can provide for individuals, where relevant, are detailed below.


    The Individual Investor Programme (IIP) … more

  • IN467 - Another Reason to Choose Cyprus - The Cyprus Non-Domicile Regime

    Cyprus is an attractive option for the relocation of both companies and individuals.

    This island offers a warm climate, good infrastructure, convenient geographic location, membership of the EU, tax advantages for companies and incentives for individuals through the Cyprus non-dom regime.


    The Cyprus House of Representatives approved new tax laws on 9 July 2015, which took effect on 1 … more

  • SA3 - Dixcart Group: More than 45 Years of Providing Professional Assistance to Internationally Mobile South African Families

    South African families are currently experiencing a number of challenges. Increasingly, South African families are looking at international wealth protection strategies, business relocation options, and residency and citizenship solutions in the UK, Europe and elsewhere. Safety, security and currency volatility are big drivers, but political, economic and educational issues play their part too.  … more

  • IN464 - Fast Track Cyprus Citizenship by Investment and the Benefits it Offers

    Cyprus Citizenship by Investment is rapidly becoming one of the EU’s most popular residence schemes.

    A fast track procedure exists for non Cypriot citizens (and their families) to acquire Cyprus Citizenship by investing €2.5 million* in Cyprus.*€2.0 million in one set of circumstances as detailed in the financial criteria.

    A non-Cypriot citizen who meets one of the financial criteria … more

  • IN459 - Relocating a Company to the UK? Why Consider the Dixcart Business Centre

    Individuals wishing to establish a company in the UK may, for a variety of reasons, consider the use of a Business Centre offering serviced office capacity, which will provide substance. Business Centres can offer a productive work environment and a cost effective option for organisations with international interests wishing to operate from a particular location.

    A company establishing itself in … more

  • IN458 - Reduced Costs for the St Kitts & Nevis Citizenship by Investment Programme and Ability to Pass Citizenship to Future Generations

    From the 1st of February 2017 a number of changes were made to the criteria required for a donation to the Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation (SIDF) to gain St Kitts & Nevis Economic Citizenship. These changes make this Citizenship option an even more attractive and cost effective proposition.

    For additional information regarding St Kitts & Nevis Citizenship, please see: IN 308 – St Kitts … more

  • IN450 - A Move of Residence

    Please note that as a general principle EU citizens are free to move to other EU countries. Switzerland is in the Schengen Area and as such EU citizens can move there and vice versa. Unless specified, the residence schemes are therefore applicable to non-EU individuals for the countries featured. St Kitts & Nevis is not in the EU and therefore their scheme applies to EU and non-EU individuals.  … more

  • IN449 - Guernsey and the Isle of Man: Convenient Choices to Reset the Clock for UK Non-Domiciles

    The UK non-domiciles regime remains a relatively attractive option with UK non-domiciliaries (“non-doms”) continuing to have the opportunity to enjoy significant tax advantages for a period of up to 15 years.

    Changes to UK Non-Dom Legislation

    Major reforms regarding how non-UK domiciliaries are taxed were however introduced in April 2017.

    As detailed in the Dixcart note: UK Tax Residence - … more

  • IN444 - Moving to the UK and the Opportunities Provided by the UK Investment Visa and the UK Entrepreneur Visa

    Why the UK?

    The UK is a very popular destination for many individuals. The legal and education systems are of high quality and there is an excellent choice of property, both residential and commercial. It offers a rich culture, traditions and history and has a distinctive “British way of life”, which many people feel comfortable with.

    The UK has a number of international airports; Heathrow, … more

  • IN442 - The Isle of Man: A Safe Harbour

    Over the past three decades the Isle of Man has attracted a wide variety of international businesses and individuals, many of whom are still resident in the Isle of Man and have made it their head office and/or home.

    Moody’s Investor Services Limited has recently (September 2016) released a statement stating that the Isle of Man is ‘more diverse and less volatile’ when compared to other offshore … more

  • IN441 - Online Gaming in Malta - An Interview with Sean Dowden, Managing Director of Dixcart in Malta

    In 2000 the Maltese Government passed legislation permitting online betting centres to operate from the island. Since then Malta has become one of the leading jurisdictions for online gaming with over four hundred licences having been issued, representing approximately 10% of the global online gaming market.

    Sean Dowden, Managing Director of Dixcart Management Malta Limited has extensive … more

  • IN440 - Important Changes to the Cyprus (EU) Citizenship by Investment Programme

    On 13th of September 2016, important changes were made to the programme to obtain Cypriot Citizenship by Investment. This programme enables successful applicants to gain a Cyprus (EU) passport.

    Major Changes to the Programme

    The minimum investment has been reduced from €5 million to €2.5 million*.

    *A minimum investment of only €2 million is acceptable provided that the investment is only … more

  • IN436 - Restarting the Clock for Non-UK Domiciles: Why Cyprus, Malta and Portugal are Attractive Jurisdictions to Consider for Relocation

    The UK offers an attractive tax regime for up to 15 years for individuals who are resident in the UK but do not have a UK domicile.

    Individuals who are UK resident, but not UK domiciled, do not have to pay UK tax on their foreign income and gains, as long as these sums remain outside of the UK.

    Individuals may choose to structure their tax affairs so that they cease to be UK tax resident for a … more

  • IN433 - Switzerland: an Option to Consider for Individuals Seeking to Relocate from the UK

    The UK is currently going through a period of considerable change, a significant element of which has been caused by the recent Brexit vote. Whilst this creates opportunities for some, the ensuing uncertainty is causing concern for a number of current UK resident individuals.

    A number of revisions (due to be introduced in April 2017) have been also proposed regarding the status of UK nom-doms. … more

  • IN432 - Acquiring Property Through a Cypriot Company

    Property in Cyprus can be purchased through a Cypriot company and the investor can benefit from the advantages available to Cypriot corporations. There are a number of capital gains tax exemptions, which make investing in Cypriot property attractive and Cypriot corporation taxes are also competitively low.

    For the purposes of this Article, property is defined as both residential and commercial … more

  • INPT2 - Chipre – Obtenção da Cidadania Através de Investimento

    Concessão da Cidadania

    A obtenção da cidadania no Chipre através de investimento, é um procedimento rápido e fácil, aplicável a cidadãos não cipriotas e aos seus membros familiares.

    Participando neste programa, o aplicante e os seus membros familiares obterão o passaporte cipriota. De realçar que não obterá apenas uma permissão de residência ou um visa, mas sim plena cidadania de um Estado  … more

  • IN388 - What Does the Jurisdiction of Switzerland Offer to Companies and Individuals?

    Switzerland has a unique position within Europe and one of the world’s most stable economies based on finance, banking, technology and commodities. Bordering Austria, France, Germany, Italy and Liechtenstein, Switzerland has a long and strong tradition of political and military neutrality.

    What does Switzerland Offer as a Location for a Company or an Individual?

    There are a number of reasons … more

  • IN318 - What is the UK Remittance Basis of Taxation and How Can it be of Benefit?

    Advantages Available Through the Use of the UK Remittance Basis Of Taxation

    The UK continues to offer significant tax advantages for individuals who are resident but not domiciled in the UK. This is due to the availability of the remittance basis of taxation.  The availability of the remittance basis for longer term residents will be restricted from April 2017. Additional advice should be … more

  • IN391 - Portuguese Golden Visa and the Non-Habitual Residents Tax Scheme - Making Portugal an Attractive Location for Residence

    Since the introduction of Portugal’s “Golden Visa” and a special tax regime for non-habitual residents, Portugal has become a destination of choice for many non-EU nationals.

    The Golden Visa enables non-EU residents to not only be resident in Portugal, but to also move freely within the Schengen Zone.  The “Non-Habitual Residents Regime” means that they can also enjoy low taxes or, in some cases, … more

  • IN421 - The Isle of Man - Your New Island Home?

    The beautiful Isle of Man is situated in the heart of the Irish Sea, centrally located between England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.  Whilst the island may be small, just 572 km2, with its rugged coastline and rolling hills it can give you and your family space to breath, relax and enjoy what island life has to offer. 

    The Isle of Man has been a self-governing Crown Dependency since 1866, and … more

  • IN419 - Restarting the Clock for UK Non-Domiciles and Alternative Residence Options to Help Maximise Days Spent in the UK

    The UK non-dom regime remains an attractive option for individuals seeking to move from their country of origin or current location. UK non-domiciles continue to have the opportunity to enjoy significant tax advantages for a period of up to 15 years.

    Changes to UK Non-Dom Legislation

    However, major reforms regarding how non-UK domiciliaries (“non-doms”) are  taxed were implemented in April 2017. … more

  • IN393 - Moving to Guernsey: The Benefits and Tax Efficiencies

    The island of Guernsey is the second largest of the Channel Islands, which are situated in the English Channel close to the French coast of Normandy. The Bailiwick of Guernsey comprises three separate jurisdictions: Guernsey, Alderney and Sark. Guernsey is the largest and most populated island in the Bailiwick. Guernsey combines many of the reassuring elements of UK culture with the benefits of … more

  • IN415 - Taxation of Trusts in Portugal and the Implications for Non Habitual Residents

    When individuals who are potential beneficiaries of trusts are planning to move to Portugal and will become Non Habitual Residents (NHRs) they need to review the trust position prior to any future distributions being made.


    Legislation was approved in Portugal at the end of 2014 regarding the taxation of fiduciary structures, which includes trusts.

    Distributions made by fiduciary … more

  • IN392 - Moving to Malta - An Attractive EU Location

    Moving to Malta – An Attractive EU Location

    Malta offers five residence schemes to meet different individual circumstances. Each scheme provides an opportunity for individuals to move to Malta and/or to gain Maltese citizenship and, subsequently, a Maltese passport.


    Malta is an appealing EU jurisdiction offering a temperate climate and attractive beaches. Located in the … more

  • IN376 - Revised Portuguese Golden Visa Rules Confirmed

    0n 3 July 2015, the Portuguese Government confirmed a number of new rules relating to the Portuguese Golden Visa.

    Background and Key Benefits of the Portuguese Golden Visa

    The Portuguese Golden Visa Scheme enables non-EU individuals to gain the right to reside in Portugal and the right to travel within the Schengen Zone of 26 countries for a period of 5 years.

    This can lead to permanent … more

  • IN370 - Incentives to Move Executives and Key Employees to the Isle of Man

    An often forgotten tax concession introduced by the Isle of Man Government is the Key Employee Concession Programme, which was introduced in the 2004 Income Tax Act. It is an incentive by the Isle of Man Government to encourage real substance based businesses to establish themselves on the Isle of Man. This small piece of tax legislation will play an important role in the coming years, … more

  • IN329 - Immigration to the Isle of Man: The Benefits, Tax Efficiencies and Potential British Citizenship

    The Isle of Man and British Citizenship

    One of the key advantages that immigration to the Isle of Man can offer is that it entitles the successful applicant and his family to receive British Citizenship, if all of the relevant conditions are met. Subsequently an application can be made for a British passport.

    Dixcart and Immigration to the Isle of Man

    Dixcart is experienced in assisting many … more

  • IN316 - The Isle of Man - The Benefits for Business and Family

    The Isle of Man offers a highly attractive business infrastructure and also provides a stable, secure and accessible environment for individuals and families. 

    This island is home to a number of diverse industries, including; aerospace, banking, financial services, manufacturing, ship and aircraft registration, the space industry and film production. 


    Location: … more

  • IN395 - New Malta Residence and Visa Permit Programme

    New Regulations

    The Government of Malta introduced a new “Malta Residence and Visa Programme” at the end of August 2015. This programme is open to non-EU nationals and their dependants who wish to reside or stay indefinitely in Malta.

    The Criteria

    Each applicant must make a three-tier investment.

    1.    Contribution: A €30,000 payment to the Maltese Government AND

    2.    Qualifying Investment: … more

  • IN394 - Citizenship by Investment - The Caribbean Solution

    Individuals and families are becoming increasingly mobile and the ability to hold a second passport is becoming more relevant. The Caribbean is an attractive destination for a number of reasons, including the relaxing lifestyle, beautiful  scenery and the climate. There are also opportunities to hold a second passport, even if the immediate intention is not to relocate to the Caribbean.

    Why do … more

  • IN384 - New Non-Domicile Regime - Making Cyprus Even More Attractive for Individuals

    Why Cyprus?

    Cyprus is becoming an increasingly attractive option for companies and individuals to consider relocating to. Attractive tax incentives exist and Cyprus offers a good corporate and residential location, enviable weather and a sound infrastructure. 


    On 9 July 2015 the Cyprus House of Representatives approved new tax laws which took effect on 16 July 2015. These changes … more

  • IN317 - An Important Guide: Moving to the United Kingdom


    Immigration Considerations

    When first coming to live in the UK it is important to ensure that your immigration status will allow you to do what you wish to do; will it allow your family members and any staff to come to the UK to study or work? Will it allow you and your family members to remain in the UK in the long-term if you wish to do so? … more

  • IN303 - Reasons Why Companies and Individuals are Relocating to the UK and a Case Study for the UK Entrepreneur Visa

    Since 2013 an increasing number of Dixcart contacts have expressed interest in moving to the UK, either for themselves personally or for their clients.  They are not only attracted to the UK due to its rich culture and the British "way of life" but also because of the tax advantages that are available to both companies and individuals.

    Tax Advantages Available to UK Companies 

    One of the … more

  • IN338 - Moving to the UK - An Attractive Location

    Why the UK?

    The UK is a very popular destination for many individuals. The legal and education systems are of high quality and there is an excellent choice of property, both residential and commercial. It offers a rich culture, traditions and history and has a distinctive “British way of life”, which many people feel comfortable with. 

    The UK has a number of international airports; Heathrow, … more

  • IN369 - Financial Benefits Available to Individuals Moving to Cyprus to Work or Retire

    Cyprus offers a number of advantages as a location in which to work or retire, the climate and Mediterranean lifestyle being just two of the benefits. In addition Cyprus offers a number of financial incentives. 

    Please refer to the end of this Article for details regarding the criteria for tax residence in Cyprus and the income tax rates applicable in this jurisdiction.

    Income Tax Relief … more

  • IN359 - Why Have 400 People Applied for Maltese Citizenship in the Past Year?

    In November 2013 Malta introduced the Individual Investor Programme (‘IIP’), which is the only Passport Programme in the European Union that has been approved by the European Commission. 

    This programme, designed for non-EU individuals, has proved to be a resounding success, with over 400 applications received to date from individuals in more than 40 countries.

    Why Malta?

    Malta is a full … more

  • IN357 - The Fast Track Cyprus Permanent Residence Permit and the Benefits it Offers

    From the second half of 2014, new, simplified, fast track procedures were introduced for issuing permits to non EU citizens (and their family members) who wish to invest in Cyprus by purchasing property.

    The procedure should not take longer than two months from the date of the application. Once the permit is issued the applicant's passport is stamped and a certificate is provided indicating that … more

  • IN309 - How to Obtain a Passport through the Maltese Individual Investor Programme

    Malta offers a number of interesting residence programmes, such as The Global Residence Programme, The Highly Qualified Persons Scheme and The Malta Retirement Programme. 

    For many the most attractive programme is The Individual Investor Programme (IIP) as this enable non-EU citizens to obtain a Maltese passport.

    During the first quarter of 2014 the Maltese Government and the EU confirmed the … more

  • IN308 - St Kitts & Nevis Economic Citizenship - Distinctive Advantanges

    The St Kitts & Nevis Economic Citizenship Regime offers a number of benefits which are detailed below. In addition the scheme offers several distinctive features which are also highlighted.

    A key advantage of this residence regime is that individuals can obtain a St Kitts & Nevis passport which has full Schengen travel rights throughout Europe.

    Why Consider Moving to St Kitts & Nevis?

    The … more