IN426 - Why Choose Nevis for International Business Corporations?

This Article provides a summary of why Nevis International Business Corporations (IBCs) can be beneficial within the international arena.


  • Nevis has no Public or Government Registers for directors, shareholders or beneficial owners.  All information is maintained privately and securely at the Registered Office by the Agent. 
  • Nevis is a well-regulated jurisdiction which is independent and offers a stable political and economic environment.

Speed and Ease of Incorporation

  • Nevis structures can be established within 24 hours. 
  • Names can be reserved instantly, free of charge, for 10 days.
  • As the Registry is smaller than in many comparable jurisdictions, there is a much wider selection of names available.
  • Certificates of Incumbency and Good Standing can be issued and apostilled within 48 hours.


  • Simple procedures provide for the redomiciliation of foreign entities in to and out of Nevis.
  • Nevis IBCs are able to amend their articles of incorporation relatively easily and can also merge or consolidate with foreign corporations or other Nevis corporations. 
  • There is no requirement to file annual returns or financial statements.

Tax Exemptions and Other Benefits

  • Nevis does not levy VAT or other indirect taxes on IBCs and there is NO income tax, NO capital gains tax, NO wealth tax, NO death duty or inheritance tax.
  • It is possible for a Nevis IBC to be classified as “Nevis resident” and for a tax residency certificate to be issued (this can be specially beneficial where there is a desire to demonstrate the location of the control and management of the company).
  • Dixcart can provide a local Board comprising experienced professionals with international corporate experience in managing companies.

Nevis Legal and Corporate Framework

  • Nevis applies common law.
  • Legislative and fiscal independence mean that the island can respond quickly to the needs of business.Updated legislation is regularly introduced to offer a greater variety of relevant international corporate vehicles.  Nevis IBCs now allow for Sole Directors either corporate and/or natural persons.
  • Companies can be incorporated to conduct any lawful business.
  • The director(s) and/or secretary can be located anywhere in the world and can be natural or legal persons.
  • Authorised share capital can be denominated in any recognised national currency.
  • St Kitts & Nevis operates consulates in overseas locations and these include a consulate in Dubai. This makes legalisation of company documents in such jurisdictions easier and significantly less expensive.

Other Nevis Structures and a Residency Programme of International Interest

  • Private Trust Companies
  • International Exempt Trusts
  • Limited Liability Corporations
  • Multiform Foundations
  • Citizenship by Investment

Additional Information

The Dixcart office in Nevis can provide further information regarding Nevis IBCs and the advantages that this jurisdiction offers. Dixcart Management Nevis Limited is a Registered Agent for the establishment and management of Nevis IBCs.

Please speak to your regular Dixcart contact or to Graham Sutcliffe at the Dixcart office in Nevis for additional information:

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