IN516 - Obtaining a Portuguese Golden Visa by Investing in a Portuguese Venture Capital Fund

The Golden Visa includes an investment route option. Individuals can use this route to gain a Golden Visa, by investing in a Portuguese Venture Capital Fund.

The specific criteria details are:

  • Investment of a minimum €500,000 to purchase shares in investment funds or venture capital companies that are being used to support small and/or medium sized companies in Portugal that have generated viable business development plans.

The Golden Visa Programme

The Portuguese Golden Visa allows individuals to qualify for a residency permit in Portugal for up to five years. This allows them and their family to travel freely within the majority of European countries. The visa can lead to permanent residence and Portuguese citizenship. At the end of the fifth year of being Portuguese resident, the main applicant has a right to apply for a permanent passport.

Investing in a Portuguese Venture Capital Fund and the Requirements

An investment of at least €500,000 can be made in a Venture Capital Fund which invests into a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) or entity.  This investment can be made to capitalise small and medium companies in Portugal which must have a viable capitalisation plan in place, however, investors can invest in commercial property in Portugal. There are many cities in Portugal currently offering properties with attractive investment potential.


The benefits of investing through a Venture Capital Fund include:

  • Withholding tax of 10% if the investor is tax resident in Portugal.
  • Exemption from corporate income tax, when the fund is established and operating under Portuguese legislation.
  • 10% tax on capital gains derived from the sale shares of the company or commercial property.

Holders of shares in the fund, benefit from the same tax treatment as if they had invested directly in the assets, held by the fund. 

Additional Information

If you require additional information regarding the Portuguese Golden Visa or investing in a Venture Capital Fund, please contact Carlos Santos in the Portugal office: Alternatively, please speak to your usual Dixcart contact.

Updated August 2018


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