• IN473 - The Organisation of a Fund in Malta - The Benefits

    Dixcart is licensed to provide fund administration services in Malta and in the Isle of Man. 

    We provide a comprehensive range of services in Malta including accounting and shareholder reporting, corporate secretarial services, fund administration, shareholder services and valuations.

    The Benefits of Establishing a Fund in Malta

    A key benefit in terms of using the jurisdiction of Malta for the … more

  • IN472 - Yacht Registration in Malta: The Commercial and Leasing Opportunities

    During the past decade Malta has consolidated its status as an international centre of maritime excellence. Currently Malta has the largest shipping register in Europe and the sixth largest in the world. 

    Malta has also become a world leader in terms of commercial yacht registration.

    Yacht Registration in Malta

    Commercial and pleasure yachts can be provisionally registered under the Malta flag … more

  • IN471 - Malta - Attractive Residence Programmes and Tax Benefits for Expatriates

    Malta offers five residence programmes to meet different individual circumstances. Some are appropriate for non-EU individuals while others provide an incentive for EU residents to move to Malta.

    The five residence programmes and the tax benefits they can provide for individuals, where relevant, are detailed below.


    The Individual Investor Programme (IIP) … more

  • IN470 - Malta Holding Companies - Why Are They So Attractive?

    Beneficial Characteristics for the Location of an International Holding Company

    The location of a holding company is an important consideration in any international structure where one of the objectives is to minimise the tax charged on the income flow. 

    Ideally the holding company should be resident in a jurisdiction which: 

    Has a good double tax treaty network, thereby minimising … more

  • IN466 - Dixcart Business Centres: Serviced Offices Where and Why?

    Dixcart Business Centres offer extensive serviced office capacity and are ideal for companies establishing themselves in a new location. Dixcart Business Centres are located in Guernsey, the Isle of Man, Madeira (Portugal), Malta and the UK.

    Business Centres can offer a productive work environment and a cost effective option for organisations with international interests wishing to operate from … more

  • IN457 - Thinking of Flagging or Reflagging a Vessel? - Malta Could be the Answer

    A lot of uncertainty has been generated within Europe following on from the Brexit vote, and certain other countries who are beginning to reassess their position within the EU. This is having an impact on the marine industry, with a number of vessel owners seeking to reflag ships and yachts.

    The choice of flag registration is an important decision and a jurisdiction must be selected that … more

  • IN448 - What Does Malta Offer as a Jurisdiction for Aviation?

    Malta’s reputation, within the EU, as an efficient and relevant jurisdiction for aircraft registration is growing rapidly. 

    Brexit negotiations could have a significant impact on UK registered aircraft doing business in the EU. Airline operators who receive their operating licences from the UK Civil Aviation Authority may no longer be deemed Community Carriers and may no longer enjoy the right … more

  • IN441 - Online Gaming in Malta - An Interview with Sean Dowden, Managing Director of Dixcart in Malta

    In 2000 the Maltese Government passed legislation permitting online betting centres to operate from the island. Since then Malta has become one of the leading jurisdictions for online gaming with over four hundred licences having been issued, representing approximately 10% of the global online gaming market.

    Sean Dowden, Managing Director of Dixcart Management Malta Limited has extensive … more

  • IN436 - Restarting the Clock for Non-UK Domiciles: Why Cyprus, Malta and Portugal are Attractive Jurisdictions to Consider for Relocation

    The UK offers an attractive tax regime for up to 15 years for individuals who are resident in the UK but do not have a UK domicile.

    Individuals who are UK resident, but not UK domiciled, do not have to pay UK tax on their foreign income and gains, as long as these sums remain outside of the UK.

    Individuals may choose to structure their tax affairs so that they cease to be UK tax resident for a … more

  • INMF1 - Malta Foundations

    An Alternative to Trusts in Malta

    In 2007 Malta enacted specific foundation legislation to clearly define the legal framework for foundations in Malta, provide legal certainty and resolve any possible confusion created by local case law. More recently Malta has also enacted specific legislation regulating the taxation of foundations which further enhances Malta as a jurisdiction for … more

  • IN276 - The Advantages Of Redomiciling A Company To Malta


    Since its entry into the European Union (EU) in 2004, Malta has gained a reputation as a leading financial centre within the EU Zone. Malta’s geographic proximity to continental Europe and to North Africa, its multi-lingual workforce and comparatively low overhead costs have helped Malta to develop as a favourable location within the EU to conduct international trade.

    Why Consider … more

  • IN294 - Cyprus, Madeira, Malta and the UK as Holding Company Jurisdictions

    Ideal Characteristics for the Location of an International Holding Company

    The location of a holding company is an important consideration in any international structure where the objective is to minimise the tax charged on the income flow.  Ideally the company should be in a jurisdiction which: 

    Has a good double tax treaty network, thereby minimising withholding taxes on dividends received. … more

  • IN408 - The Use of a Malta Holding Company to Hold Shares in a Swiss Company - The Advantages Available

    Malta has long been considered a leading holding company jurisdiction due to its participating holding exemption on dividends and capital gains, as well as its lack of withholding tax on payments to shareholders.

    Switzerland has also been a favoured location for international trading and holding companies as these companies enjoy beneficial rates of taxation as well as access to Switzerland’s … more

  • PT1 - A Organização De Um Fundo Em Malta - Os Benefícios

    Dixcart fornece serviços de administração de fundos em Malta e na Ilha de Man. 

    A partir de Malta, podemos fornecer uma vasta gama de serviços, incluindo contabilidade e elaboração de relatórios financeiros, serviços administrativos empresariais, administração de fundos, avaliações e serviços financeiros.

    Os Benefícios da Criação de um Fundo em Malta

    Um dos principais benefícios de se utilizar … more

  • IN392 - Moving to Malta - An Attractive EU Location

    Moving to Malta – An Attractive EU Location

    Malta offers five residence schemes to meet different individual circumstances. Each scheme provides an opportunity for individuals to move to Malta and/or to gain Maltese citizenship and, subsequently, a Maltese passport.


    Malta is an appealing EU jurisdiction offering a temperate climate and attractive beaches. Located in the … more

  • IN341 - Malta and the Attractive Yacht Leasing Scheme

    Malta has the largest combined ship and yacht maritime register in Europe and ranks amongst the top 10 worldwide. 

    Malta provides the benefits of vessels being able to fly an EU Flag, an accessible and efficient regulatory authority and an extensive network of Double Taxation Treaties (over 60 in force).

    Yacht Leasing in Malta and the VAT Efficiencies Available

    Malta has operated a yacht … more

  • IN380 - Foundations - Why? And Consideration of Various Jurisdictions: Guernsey, The Isle of Man, Malta and Nevis

    Foundations are useful tools in terms of wealth management and asset protection. The jurisdictions of Guernsey, the Isle of Man, Malta and Nevis are attractive locations in which to establish a foundation. Each of these jurisdictions offer a number of potential advantages and the most appropriate jurisdiction will depend upon each specific situation.

    Foundations: A Definition

    A foundation is a … more

  • IN312 - Aircraft Registration: Guernsey, Isle of Man, Malta and Portugal

    Dixcart provides aircraft registration services in a number of jurisdictions. These jurisdictions have registries which offer a variety of advantages and tax efficiencies. 

    Dixcart can advise on aircraft registration and help coordinate the aircraft registration process in: Guernsey, the Isle of Man, Malta and Portugal. This can include establishing and administering the relevant ownership … more

  • IN289 - Why Choose the Isle of Man or Malta for the Location of an E-gaming Business?

    The level of regulation within the e-gaming industry is constantly being reviewed to increase protection for users. Many of the less well regulated jurisdictions are beginning to find themselves less attractive to the major e-gaming organisations. 

    Agreement between the Isle of Man and Malta

    The Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission and the Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authority entered … more

  • IN275 - A Consideration of Shipping in the Jurisdictions of Cyprus, the Isle of Man, Madeira (Portugal) and Malta

    Dixcart can provide clients with a number of alternative ship registration solutions. 

    This note provides a brief overview of the shipping regimes in Cyprus, the Isle of Man, Madeira (Portugal) and Malta. More detailed information is available on request regarding shipping in each of the jurisdictions considered in this Article.


    Cyprus is a major ship management centre attracting … more

  • IN395 - New Malta Residence and Visa Permit Programme

    New Regulations

    The Government of Malta introduced a new “Malta Residence and Visa Programme” at the end of August 2015. This programme is open to non-EU nationals and their dependants who wish to reside or stay indefinitely in Malta.

    The Criteria

    Each applicant must make a three-tier investment.

    1.    Contribution: A €30,000 payment to the Maltese Government AND

    2.    Qualifying Investment: … more

  • IN389 - Why Use a Malta Company?

    Malta has experienced a significant increase in the registration of new companies during the past few years and a consistent growth in Gross Domestic Product, boosted by the success of the financial services sector.

    The growth in the financial services sector can be directly attributed to Malta’s generous system of tax refunds and unilateral relief, as well as Malta’s reputation as a compliant … more

  • HN50 - The New Malta Residence and Visa Permit Programme

    The Maltese Government has introduced a new residence programme, which is available to non-EU individuals and enables them to reside or stay indefinitely in Malta.

    The criteria for the programme are:

    a €30,000 contribution to the Maltese Government; AND

    an investment of a minimum €250,000 in Malta for at least 5 years; AND

    the purchase of a property in Malta to the minimum value of €320,000, … more

  • IN382 - Low Tax Trading Opportunities Using Cyprus, Malta and the UK

    It is possible for a company to be incorporated in one jurisdiction and to be resident in another. In certain circumstances this can generate tax efficiencies. 

    It is very important to always ensure that the company is properly managed and controlled from the jurisdiction in which it is resident.

    The jurisdictions of Cyprus, Malta and the UK present a number of opportunities, as detailed below. … more

  • IN373 - Low Corporate Tax Regimes within the EU: Cyprus, Ireland and Malta

    Cyprus, Ireland and Malta are sovereign members of the European Union. Cyprus and Ireland both offer the very competitive corporate tax rate of 12.5% whilst Malta provides very generous tax rebates in respect to the external distribution of dividends, resulting in an ‘effective’ corporate tax rate of 5%. 

    Local Substance

    The decision to use one of these three jurisdictions naturally depends on … more

  • IN359 - Why Have 400 People Applied for Maltese Citizenship in the Past Year?

    In November 2013 Malta introduced the Individual Investor Programme (‘IIP’), which is the only Passport Programme in the European Union that has been approved by the European Commission. 

    This programme, designed for non-EU individuals, has proved to be a resounding success, with over 400 applications received to date from individuals in more than 40 countries.

    Why Malta?

    Malta is a full … more

  • IN346 - Companies Moving to Malta and the Dixcart Business Centre on the Island: A Success Story

    The opening of the Malta Business Centre in June 2014 has been a great success. Dixcart has assisted organisations with international interests to establish themselves in Malta in a cost effective manner, whilst, where necessary, fully meeting substance requirements. Organisations occupying the Malta Business Centre include start up companies as well as established businesses active across a … more

  • IN309 - How to Obtain a Passport through the Maltese Individual Investor Programme

    Malta offers a number of interesting residence programmes, such as The Global Residence Programme, The Highly Qualified Persons Scheme and The Malta Retirement Programme. 

    For many the most attractive programme is The Individual Investor Programme (IIP) as this enable non-EU citizens to obtain a Maltese passport.

    During the first quarter of 2014 the Maltese Government and the EU confirmed the … more

  • JNG: Malta Jurisdiction Note


    The Republic of Malta is an archipelago consisting of the three inhabited islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino.  The Maltese islands are situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, about 100 km south of Italy. 

    Factors contributing to and enhancing the status of the jurisdiction include:

    Malta is a member of the EU and therefore has access to European Union Conventions. 

    It … more

  • IN288 - Malta: The Global Residence Programme

    On 1 July 2013, Malta launched the Global Residence Programme. An individual from outside of the European Union (EU) buying a higher value property in Malta can benefit from the scheme and gain a residence permit in Malta. 

    The Global Residence Programme replaces the High Net Worth Individuals Scheme. Previously individuals from outside the EU and outside the European Economic Area (EEA) had to … more

  • IN290 - Malta and the Application of VAT Relating to Short-Term Yacht Chartering

    The Malta ship registry is now the largest shipping register in the European Union and the 5th largest in the world. 

    During the summer of 2013 the Maltese Government issued guidelines in relation to the application of VAT on short-term yacht charters, following on from the success of the Yacht Leasing Arrangement.

    VAT Treatment for Short Term Yacht Chartering Explained

    The short-term charter … more