• IN535 - Consideration of the Jurisdiction of Nevis for the Control and Management of Companies outside the EU

    The Requirement for Substance

    In recent times a number of leading European countries have sought to limit the use of holding or associated companies outside the EU.  

    The main reason given has been the lack of real substance being demonstrated in the countries outside the EU.

    A Workable Solution to the Problem

    Advantages continue to exist through the use of holding companies outside the EU. … more

  • IN525 - Important Changes to the St Kitts and Nevis Economic Citizenship Programme

    On 5 April 2018, the St Kitts & Nevis, Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU) made an exciting announcement regarding permanent changes to the Economic Citizenship Programme. 

    Two new options have now been introduced, as detailed below:

    Option 1: The New Sustainable Growth Fund

    We are delighted to announce the introduction of the New Sustainable Growth Fund (SGF). 

    This fund has been … more

  • IN481(P) - Why Consider Using a Nevis International Business Company for Wealth Planning and Holding International Investments? (Portuguese version)



    Nevis é um importante centro financeiro internacional situado nas Caraíbas, gozando de boa reputação e excelentes padrões de “compliance”, o que o torna adequado para a realização de … more

  • IN486(S) - Portugal New Golden Visa Investment Routes (Spanish version)



    15,000 personas de alto patrimonio y sus familias se han mudado a Portugal desde 2009.

    Portugal se puso de moda, con hermosos paisajes y ciudades como Lisboa, Porto y Funchal para explorar. Las familias que se han trasladado a Portugal se sienten atraídas por el programa de impuestos personales: el Programa de Residentes No … more

  • IN481(S) - Why Consider Using A Nevis International Business Company For Wealth Planning And Holding International Investments? (Spanish version)



    Nevis es un centro financiero internacional líder en el Caribe, con una buena reputación y excelentes estándares de “compliance”, por lo que es ideal para realizar inversiones internacionales por familias con patrimonios substanciales. … more

  • IN (Chinese) - Nevis Economic Citizenship Requirements



    主要申請人必須填寫政府頒發的四份表格 (C1、C2、C3和C4)。

    家屬申請人只需填寫三份表格 (C1、C2和C3)。


    所有申請人必須填寫,記錄每個申請人的詳細個人資料。 (該表第C57項問題詳細說明了必須隨申請表格一起提交的補充資料或證明文件)。







    C4 表格





    現行護照的認證複印件,註明姓名、照片、 … more

  • IN-Nevis Ec Cit Requirements (R) - Экономическая программа предоставления гражданства Сент-Китса и Невиса

    Общие черты процесса

    Главный заявитель должен заполнить четыре правительственных формуляра. (C1, C2, C3 и C4).

    Заявители-иждивенцы должны заполнить только три формуляра (C1, C2 и C3).

    Формуляр C1

    Заполняется всеми заявителями и содержит личные данные каждого заявителя. (Вопрос C57 в формуляре касается дополнительной информации или сопровождающих документах, которые должны прилагаться к заявлен … more

  • IN503 - The Flexibility of a Nevis Multiform Foundation

    What is a Foundation?

    A Foundation is an incorporated legal structure that can be used to hold assets. As a concept, it is neither a Trust nor a company; however it has features of both. During medieval times, a Foundation was originally founded as an asset holding entity under Civil Law in continental Europe, whereas the Common Law vehicle has been, and still is, the Trust. Foundations were … more

  • IN500 - The Option of a Passport to Ease Travel whilst an Application for Alternative Citizenship is Underway

    There are several attractive residence schemes whereby non-EU individuals can obtain citizenship and the right to a passport in an EU country.

    Two of the most popular EU programmes are the Maltese Individual Investor Programme and the Portuguese Golden Visa Regime.

    A St Kitts & Nevis passport could provide a travel and if required, residence solution, whilst plans are being made to live … more

  • IN483 - Access To Complementary Services From Nevis for Professional Firms In Other Jurisdictions

    St Kitts & Nevis offers well-regulated and effective solutions for businesses around the world. It is an international financial centre with innovative corporate and wealth management solutions available to clients. 

    A number of jurisdictions are experiencing increased pressure from the wider international commercial community and/or measures taken by their own Governments. Nevis may be able to … more

  • IN482 - Benefits Offered By Nevis And The Use Of A Managed Trust Company

    Nevis offers a number of wealth planning opportunities which can provide certainty, flexibility and privacy to families who are planning for the future. 

    Numerous tax benefits are available to international companies, limited partnerships and trusts located in Nevis. These include NO income tax, NO social security tax, NO capital gains tax, NO wealth tax, and NO death duty or inheritance tax. … more

  • IN481 - Why Consider Using A Nevis International Business Company For Wealth Planning And Holding International Investments?

    Nevis is a leading international Caribbean financial centre, with a good reputation and excellent compliance standards, making it well suited to holding international investments for wealthy families.

    It can be a challenge for non-European investors to find an efficient and cost effective manner in which to make international investments. The use of a Nevis International Business Corporation ( … more

  • IN480 - St Kitts & Nevis Citizenship by Investment - A Second Passport That Can Assist With Mobility Around the World

    A Second Passport - The Caribbean Solution for Alternative Travel Documents 

    In today’s ever changing world, freedom and ease of travel are becoming ever more important. Residents of many countries suffer from a lack of mobility, which most western countries take for granted.

    Increasingly, wealthy non-EU individuals are applying for residence, and in some instances, citizenship in European … more

  • IN474 - Providing Professional Firms in the BVI with Access to Complementary Services from Nevis

    Nevis and the British Virgin Islands (BVI) are countries within the Caribbean that offer well-regulated and effective solutions for businesses around the world. They are international financial centres offering clients innovative corporate and wealth management solutions.  

    A number of similar corporate services are available in the two jurisdictions but, due to recent Government rule changes in … more

  • IN458 - Reduced Costs for the St Kitts & Nevis Citizenship by Investment Programme and Ability to Pass Citizenship to Future Generations

    From the 1st of February 2017 a number of changes were made to the criteria required for a donation to the Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation (SIDF) to gain St Kitts & Nevis Economic Citizenship. These changes make this Citizenship option an even more attractive and cost effective proposition.

    For additional information regarding St Kitts & Nevis Citizenship, please see: IN 308 – St Kitts … more

  • IN429 - Migration of Companies To Nevis – Why and How

    Why Migrate a Company to Nevis?

    There are a number of reasons why you might consider migrating an existing company to the jurisdiction of St Kitts & Nevis:

    Nevis is a well-regulated jurisdiction which is independent and offers a stable political and economic environment.

    Nevis applies Common Law.

    Nevis does not have public or Governmental registers for directors, shareholders or … more

  • IN426 - Why Choose Nevis for International Business Corporations?

    This Article provides a summary of why Nevis International Business Corporations (IBCs) can be beneficial within the international arena.


    Nevis has no Public or Government Registers for directors, shareholders or beneficial owners.  All information is maintained privately and securely at the Registered Office by the Agent. 

    Nevis is a well-regulated jurisdiction which is … more

  • Nevis1b - Redomiciliation Of Bvi Companies To Nevis For Dissolution Purposes: A Cheaper And More Efficient Alternative

    Nevis and the British Virgin Islands (BVI) are leading international Caribbean financial centres, and both offer a good reputation and excellent standards.

    Potentially Reduced Costs

    Recent changes to legislation in the BVI mean that the cost of formally dissolving a BVI company in the BVI has increased considerably.

    In an ever competitive world where clients are cost sensitive, Nevis can … more

  • IN206 - Nevis Entities And The Economic Citizenship Programme: A Summary Of The Advantages They Offer


    The Federation of St Kitts and Nevis has been an independent country since 1983. It is a one hour flight to Puerto Rico, three hours to Miami and eight hours to the UK. Direct flights to all of these destinations are available from St Kitts.

    Under the constitution of the Federation, Nevis is able to introduce its own legislation, and in 1984 established its international business … more

  • IN206 (SP) - Entidades De Nieves Y Ciudadanía Económica Un Resumen De Las Ventajas


    La Federación de San Cristóbal y Nieves es un país independiente desde 1983. Está a una hora de vuelo de Puerto Rico, a tres horas de Miami y a ocho horas del Reino Unido. Hay vuelos directos para todos estos destinos desde San Cristóbal.

    Según la Constitución de la Federación, Nieves puede promulgar su propia legislación, y en 1984 estableció su sector de negocios internacionales … more

  • IN224 (SP) - Las Ventajas De Nieves Para El Establecimiento O Traslado De Una Fundación


    Nieves es una isla situada en las Indias Occidentales con un gobierno plenamente dedicado al sector financiero.

    Un vehículo corporativo innovador

    La “Multiform Foundations Ordinance” entró en vigor en Nieves el 1 de octubre de 2005. Con esta ley se introdujo en el sistema internacional de servicios financieros de Nieves un tipo híbrido y flexible de fundación. Este vehículo es un … more

  • IN194 - Nevis Multiform Foundations



    Nevis is an island situated in the West Indies, obtaining independence as part of St Kitts and Nevis in 1983 and with a Government fully committed to the finance industry.

    An Innovative Corporate Vehicle

    The Multiform Foundations Ordinance came into force in Nevis on 1st October 2005. It introduced a flexible hybrid type of Foundation into the Nevis … more

  • JND: Formation of an International Business Corporation in Nevis


    Nevis is a leading international Caribbean  finance centre with a good reputation and excellent standards. Factors contributing to and enhancing the status of this jurisdiction include:

    Nevis as an International Business Centre

    Nevis does not levy VAT or other indirect taxes on Nevis International Business Corporations (IBCs) and there is no income tax, capital gains tax, … more

  • IN404 - The Potential of Using a Managed Trust Company in Nevis

    The Concept

    A number of families and organisations have considered creating their own trust company in a tax-efficient jurisdiction, such as Nevis, but have concluded that the expense involved in setting up such an operation would not be justified.

    An alternative is to establish a managed trust company. 

    The benefits of an internal trust company can be enjoyed without incurring the high … more

  • IN397 - Why Establish an International Business Corporation in Nevis and What Are Its Advantages?

    Nevis is a leading international Caribbean financial centre with a good reputation and excellent compliance standards. 

    What Advantages Does Nevis Offer as a Location for the Establishment of an International Business Corporation (IBC)?

    Nevis does not levy VAT or other indirect taxes on IBCs and there is NO income tax, NO capital gains tax, NO wealth tax, NO death duty or inheritance tax.  … more

  • IN380 - Foundations - Why? And Consideration of Various Jurisdictions: Guernsey, The Isle of Man, Malta and Nevis

    Foundations are useful tools in terms of wealth management and asset protection. The jurisdictions of Guernsey, the Isle of Man, Malta and Nevis are attractive locations in which to establish a foundation. Each of these jurisdictions offer a number of potential advantages and the most appropriate jurisdiction will depend upon each specific situation.

    Foundations: A Definition

    A foundation is a … more

  • IN394 - Citizenship by Investment - The Caribbean Solution

    Individuals and families are becoming increasingly mobile and the ability to hold a second passport is becoming more relevant. The Caribbean is an attractive destination for a number of reasons, including the relaxing lifestyle, beautiful  scenery and the climate. There are also opportunities to hold a second passport, even if the immediate intention is not to relocate to the Caribbean.

    Why do … more


    Fundações Multiformes da Nevis - Antecedentes

    A Fundação Multiforme Nevis (NMFF) é uma entidade que possui a sua própria identidade legal, com capacidade de processar e de ser processada.

    O regulamento da Fundação Multiforme da Nevis tornou-se lei em 2004, com o objetivo de ser refinado e desenvolvido com base na lei de fundação existente noutras jurisdições.

    Caraterísticas e Benefícios … more


    As famílias abastadas estão familiarizadas com as vantagens que um fundo fiduciário pode oferecer em termos de transferência de riqueza para a próxima geração de uma maneira eficiente. O Grupo Dixcart tem vasta experiência na prestação de serviços fiduciários profissionais em vários locais: Guernsey, Ilha de Man, Malta, Nevis e Suíça. 

    Existem muitos benefícios na utilização de um fundo fiduciá … more

  • IN365 - Nevis Multiform Foundations - Practical Uses and the Tax Efficiencies Available

    A Nevis Multiform Foundation (NMF) is an entity that has its own legal identity, with the ability to sue and to be sued.

    The Nevis Multiform Foundation Ordinance became law in 2004 with the objective of refining and building on the foundation law existing in other jurisdictions.

    Distinctive Features and Benefits of a NMF 

    The key distinctive feature of a Nevis Foundation in comparison to … more

  • IN327 - Private Trustee Companies: The Benefits and the Additional Advantages in Establishing a PTC in Nevis

    Wealthy families are familiar with the advantages that a trust can offer in terms of transferring wealth to the next generation in an efficient manner. The Dixcart Group has extensive experience in providing professional trust services in a variety of locations: Guernsey, Isle of Man, Malta, Nevis and Switzerland.

    There are many benefits to using a trust managed by a professional trustee with … more

  • IN308 - St Kitts & Nevis Economic Citizenship - Distinctive Advantanges

    The St Kitts & Nevis Economic Citizenship Regime offers a number of benefits which are detailed below. In addition the scheme offers several distinctive features which are also highlighted.

    A key advantage of this residence regime is that individuals can obtain a St Kitts & Nevis passport which has full Schengen travel rights throughout Europe.

    Why Consider Moving to St Kitts & Nevis?

    The … more