• IN420 - Sark - Channel Islands and Tax Transparency

    Sark, in the Channel Islands, is located close to Jersey, Guernsey and Alderney and is a unique and unspoiled island with no airport or cars.

    It is a quiet tourist destination with little other industry to detract from the island’s stunning natural beauty, with a small population enjoying an exceptional rural quality of life.

    Tax Residency Confirmation

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  • IN394 - Citizenship by Investment - The Caribbean Solution

    Individuals and families are becoming increasingly mobile and the ability to hold a second passport is becoming more relevant. The Caribbean is an attractive destination for a number of reasons, including the relaxing lifestyle, beautiful  scenery and the climate. There are also opportunities to hold a second passport, even if the immediate intention is not to relocate to the Caribbean.

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    La Holding española (Entidad de Tenencia de Valores Extranjeros - ETVE) fue introducida en 1995. Ha demostrado ser un vehículo muy atractivo para inversionistas extranjeros debido a los incentivos fiscales que puede proporcionar. 

    La ETVE beneficia de los convenios de doble imposición suscritos por España y de las Directivas europeas, tales como la Directiva Matriz-Filial y la Directiva Fusión. … more

  • IN321 - Features and Advantages of a Spanish Holding Company

    The Spanish international holding company (ETVE) was introduced in 1995. It has proved a popular structure internationally, due to the tax efficiencies that it can provide. 

    An ETVE benefits from EU Directives such as the Parent-Subsidiary Directive and the Merger Directive. An ETVE can also take advantage of the network of Double Tax Treaties that Spain has with other countries.

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