• IN582 How Can Individuals Move To Switzerland And What Will Their Basis Of Taxation Be?


    Many foreigners move to Switzerland for its high life quality, outdoor lifestyle, excellent working conditions and business opportunities.

    A central location within Europe with a high standard of living, as well as connections to over 200 international locations via regular international flights, also make Switzerland an attractive alternative residence.

    Many of the world’s largest … more

  • IN569 Using Switzerland For Asset Protection In An Increasingly Challenging World


    Switzerland is an incredibly attractive jurisdiction for international companies and high net worth individuals, seeking stability (political and economic).

    Taking into account the many factors that influence the choice of jurisdiction, the case for Switzerland is a strong one.

    Reasons Why Switzerland is a Favoured Location

    Political, financial, social and economic stability … more

  • IN564 Update: The Proposed Tax Reform Of Swiss Companies


    Reform of the taxation of Swiss companies has been on the agenda for a considerable length of time. On 28 September 2018, the final draft of the Federal Act on Tax Reform and "AHV" Financing ("TRAF") was approved by the Swiss Parliament.

    AHV is an obligatory payment for every individual over the age of 20 living in Switzerland. It is an insurance for old age and/or for the bereaved. … more

  • IN556 The Brazil And Switzerland Double Tax Treaty: Why Is It So Significant?


    The Brazilian and Swiss Governments signed a Double Tax Treaty (DTT) on 3 May 2018.

    Switzerland is one of the biggest investors in the Brazilian market and Brazil and Switzerland have already signed an Automatic Exchange of Information Agreement, which came into force on 1 January 2018.

    This new treaty, follows current OECD standards, including Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) … more

  • IN354(P) - The Benefits of a Swiss Holding Company (Portuguese version)


    Por que são tão populares as sociedades “holding” suíças?

    Há varias razões pelas quais a Suíça se tornou um local privilegiado para negócios internacionais. Entre essas incluem-se:

    Estabilidade política, financeira, social e econômica.

    Ambiente fiscal favorável.

    Genebra e Zug são os principais centros de comércio de matérias primas. … more

  • IN354(S) - The Benefits of a Swiss Holding Company (Spanish version)


    ¿Por qué son tan populares las compañías “holding” suizas?

    Hay muchas razones por las cuales Suiza es un lugar privilegiado para los negocios internacionales. Éstas incluyen:

    Estabilidad política, financiera, social y económica.

    Un entorno fiscal favorable.

    Ginebra y Zug son los principales centros de comercialización de “commodities”. … more

  • IN423(SP) - Servicios De Family Office


    Con la creciente movilidad de los empresarios y personas ricas por todo el mundo, por razones comerciales o personales, existe una mayor necesidad de proveer una base fuera del país de origen o de residencia de las familias de alto patrimonio para coordinar el desarrollo de sus intereses comerciales.

    Una base de impuestos neutral

    Una base suele establecerse en una jurisdicción de … more

  • IN453 - The Use of a Swiss Trustee: How and Why?

    Trusts originated in England in the 12th century and developed across many Common Law jurisdictions. Trusts are now also used by many Civil Law jurisdictions.

    Dixcart in Switzerland and Trust Services

    The Dixcart office in Switzerland is a member of the Swiss Association of Trust Companies (SATC) and is registered with the Association Romande des Intermediaires Financiers in Switzerland (ARIF). … more

  • IN452 - The Benefits of a Swiss Investment Holding Company

    Why are Swiss Holding Companies so Popular?

    There are many reasons why Switzerland is a favoured location for international business. These include:

    Political, financial, social and economic stability.

    A favourable fiscal environment.

    Geneva and Zug are major centres for commodity trading.

    Excellent business support structures and a wide variety of professionals including: lawyers, bankers, … more

  • IN451 - Why are Swiss Intellectual Property Holding Companies so Popular?

    Switzerland is an attractive location for Intellectual Property (IP) companies. It combines a proactive business and tax approach with a stable political and economic environment.

    Holding and administering IP rights in one jurisdiction under one central IP company considerably simplifies the management of group IP rights and enables stronger control.

    Switzerland: A Formidable Intellectual … more

  • IN433 - Switzerland: an Option to Consider for Individuals Seeking to Relocate from the UK

    The UK is currently going through a period of considerable change, a significant element of which has been caused by the recent Brexit vote. Whilst this creates opportunities for some, the ensuing uncertainty is causing concern for a number of current UK resident individuals.

    A number of revisions (due to be introduced in April 2017) have been also proposed regarding the status of UK nom-doms. … more

  • IN388 - What Does the Jurisdiction of Switzerland Offer to Companies and Individuals?

    Switzerland has a unique position within Europe and one of the world’s most stable economies based on finance, banking, technology and commodities. Bordering Austria, France, Germany, Italy and Liechtenstein, Switzerland has a long and strong tradition of political and military neutrality.

    What does Switzerland Offer as a Location for a Company or an Individual?

    There are a number of reasons … more

  • JNE: Formation of Companies in Switzerland

    Taxation of Swiss Companies

    Why Use Switzerland?

    Switzerland is an attractive jurisdiction for the establishment of companies, as a location for individuals and for the provision of trust services. Advantages include:

    Low rates of corporate tax for Swiss companies.

    Lump Sum Tax for non-Swiss resident individuals.

    A Swiss company can act as Trustee of a Trust formed under the Law … more

  • IN408 - The Use of a Malta Holding Company to Hold Shares in a Swiss Company - The Advantages Available

    Malta has long been considered a leading holding company jurisdiction due to its participating holding exemption on dividends and capital gains, as well as its lack of withholding tax on payments to shareholders.

    Switzerland has also been a favoured location for international trading and holding companies as these companies enjoy beneficial rates of taxation as well as access to Switzerland’s … more

  • IN383(s) - SUIZA - Un Centro Internacional de Negocios

    A.     Resumen de las principales ventajas que ofrece la jurisdicción de Suiza

    ¿ Que ofrece Suiza como ubicación para empresas o individuos ?

    Situada en el centro de Europa.

    Uno de los países de Europea de lo más estables económicamente y políticamente.

    Una jurisdicción muy respetada con excelente reputación.

    Más de 110 convenios de doble imposición.

    Una larga historia y experiencia en … more