• IN379 - The UK – Arguably the Best Location for Corporate Headquarters in Europe

    What the UK Offers as a Tax Efficient Jurisdiction

    One of the UK Government’s key ambitions has been to create the most competitive tax system in the G20.  It has developed strategies to support, rather than hinder, growth and to boost investment. 

    Through the implementation of these strategies the Government is aiming to make the UK the most attractive location for corporate headquarters in … more

  • IN396 - What are the Key Changes to the Taxation of UK Residential Property for Non-UK Tax Residents?

    The approach to the taxation of UK residential property has changed significantly over recent years and further changes have been announced. These changes mean that restructuring should be considered to avoid unnecessary taxation, charges and costs.

    This Information Note summarises the main UK taxes that need to be considered when structuring the ownership of UK residential property by non-UK … more

  • IN398 - Why is Cyprus an Attractive Jurisdiction for the Registration of Aircraft?

    In March 2014 the Cypriot Tax Authorities issued new guidelines for the  registration of private aircraft, making Cyprus one of the most attractive jurisdictions in the European Union.

    The guidelines clarified the VAT treatment provided through the Cyprus Aircraft Leasing Scheme, and the potential VAT rate for aircraft registration in the EU can be effectively reduced to as low as 5% if … more

  • IN385 - Commercial Advantages for Companies Relocating to The Isle of Man

    The Isle of Man offers a financially attractive destination for a wide variety of businesses. Many companies have relocated to the island in recent years because, in comparison to other locations, the Isle of Man can be less expensive and it is also well regulated. This thriving jurisdiction plays host to a flourishing business environment.


    The Isle of Man is situated in the Irish Sea, … more

  • IN380 - Foundations - Why? And Consideration of Various Jurisdictions: Guernsey, The Isle of Man, Malta and Nevis

    Foundations are useful tools in terms of wealth management and asset protection. The jurisdictions of Guernsey, the Isle of Man, Malta and Nevis are attractive locations in which to establish a foundation. Each of these jurisdictions offer a number of potential advantages and the most appropriate jurisdiction will depend upon each specific situation.

    Dixcart and Foundations

    Dixcart can assist … more

  • IN370 - Incentives to Move Executives and Key Employees to the Isle of Man

    An often forgotten tax concession introduced by the Isle of Man Government is the Key Employee Concession Programme, which was introduced in the 2004 Income Tax Act. It is an incentive by the Isle of Man Government to encourage real substance based businesses to establish themselves on the Isle of Man. This small piece of tax legislation will play an important role in the coming years, … more

  • IN362 - A Small Jurisdiction Punching Above its Weight in the IT Sector: The Isle of Man

    Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is the broad term that covers the use of digital technology to help individuals and organisations to use information. This includes, for example, personal computers, smart phones, digital TVs, email and robots.

    The Isle of Man has become a popular jurisdiction for leading ICT organisations and start ups. During the past 15 years this jurisdiction … more

  • IN356 - The Isle of Man - Leading the Way in Digital Currencies

    Digital Currencies - Increasing Validation

    To the spectators and professionals that considered digital currency to be a fad or a flash in the pan this initial reaction may now need to be reconsidered.

    On 26 February 2015 the Bank of England (BOE) announced that they believe digital currency will revolutionise payment systems for banks. The BOE have announced that, as part of a wider macro … more

  • IN384 - New Non-Domicile Regime - Making Cyprus Even More Attractive for Individuals

    Why Cyprus?

    Cyprus is becoming an increasingly attractive option for companies and individuals to consider relocating to. Attractive tax incentives exist and Cyprus offers a good corporate and residential location, enviable weather and a sound infrastructure. 


    On 9 July 2015 the Cyprus House of Representatives approved new tax laws which took effect on 16 July 2015. These changes … more

  • SA2 - Guernsey: An Attractive Domicile for South African Private Wealth

    Guernsey is one of the leading tax-free jurisdictions for the administration of international private wealth. Although a Crown Dependency and represented internationally by the UK Government, it is autonomous and has its own Parliament and its own tax regime. The island uses the British pound but also issues its own banknotes.

    Guernsey’s finance industry benefits from a firm foundation of … more

  • IN349 - UK Inheritance Tax - Even Non UK Domiciled, Non UK Resident Individuals May Be Exposed

    It is important that UK inheritance tax is taken into careful consideration, in particular by individuals who have assets in the UK. This Article examines how, with careful planning, some UK inheritance tax obligations can be mitigated for certain individuals.

    What is UK Inheritance Tax?

    UK inheritance tax (IHT) is a tax on money or assets held at death, and on some gifts made during a lifetime … more

  • IN383(s) - SUIZA - Un Centro Internacional de Negocios

    A.     Resumen de las principales ventajas que ofrece la jurisdicción de Suiza

    ¿ Que ofrece Suiza como ubicación para empresas o individuos ?

    Situada en el centro de Europa.

    Uno de los países de Europea de lo más estables económicamente y políticamente.

    Una jurisdicción muy respetada con excelente reputación.

    Más de 110 convenios de doble imposición.

    Una larga historia y experiencia en … more

  • IN382 - Low Tax Trading Opportunities Using Cyprus and Malta the UK and Cyprus

    It is possible for a company to be incorporated in one jurisdiction and to be resident in another. In certain circumstances this can generate tax efficiencies.

    It is very important to always ensure that the company is properly managed and controlled from the jurisdiction in which it is resident.

    The jurisdictions of Cyprus, Malta and the UK present a number of opportunities, as detailed below. … more

  • IN369 - Financial Benefits Available to Individuals Moving to Cyprus to Work or Retire

    Cyprus offers a number of advantages as a location in which to work or retire, the climate and Mediterranean lifestyle being just two of the benefits. In addition Cyprus offers a number of financial incentives. 

    Please refer to the end of this Article for details regarding the criteria for tax residence in Cyprus and the income tax rates applicable in this jurisdiction.

    Income Tax Relief … more

  • IN366 - Why are Security Trustee Arrangements Increasingly Popular and Why Choose Dixcart?

    Alternative project finance has become increasingly popular since the financial crisis of 2008. Businesses continue to diversify their funding arrangements by considering alternative finance structures. These structures can take a number of different forms, with the most common being equity and debt based alternative investments.  

    How Can Dixcart Assist with the Organisation of these … more

  • JNI - Formation of a Private Limited Company in Cyprus

    Why Consider the Jurisdiction of Cyprus?

    Cyprus is the third largest and third most populated island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is situated to the east of Greece and to the south of Turkey. Cyprus joined the European Union in 2004 and adopted the euro as the national currency in 2008.

    Factors contributing to and enhancing the status of the jurisdiction of Cyprus include:

    Cyprus is a member … more

  • IN364 - Implications of the Introduction of the UK Diverted Profits Tax (Google Tax)

    The OECD is undertaking ongoing discussions regarding Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS).

    The UK has acted swiftly and unilaterally as one of the first jurisdictions to introduce a Diverted Profits Tax and it is anticipated that many other jurisdictions will introduce similar provisions.

    What is the UK Diverted Profits Tax?

    On 1 April 2015 the UK introduced its new Diverted Profits Tax ( … more

  • IN363 - The Advantages in Locating a Forex Brokerage Firm in Cyprus

    In 2007 Cyprus adopted the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) which harmonised the regulation of investment services across the European Economic Area. This allows investment firms to operate throughout the European Union on the basis of authorisation in their member state (single passport). 

    In June 2009 the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) announced that Forex … more

  • IN357 - The Fast Track Cyprus Permanent Residence Permit and the Benefits it Offers

    From the second half of 2014, new, simplified, fast track procedures were introduced for issuing permits to non EU citizens (and their family members) who wish to invest in Cyprus by purchasing property.

    The procedure should not take longer than two months from the date of the application. Once the permit is issued the applicant's passport is stamped and a certificate is provided indicating that … more

  • IN348 - Why Cyprus is an Attractive Choice for the Location of an Investment Management Company

    The regulatory framework in Cyprus, the tax advantages that are available and the 2007 implementation of MiFID in this jurisdiction, make Cyprus one of the most favourable locations for establishing an Investment Management Company.

    The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (‘’MiFID’’) harmonised the regulation of investment services across the European Economic Area members, allowing … more

  • IN326 - Razões para utilizar uma sociedade de Chipre

    Chipre é uma atractiva jurisdição internacional com um excelente regime para as sociedades de holding. A Dixcart possui um escritório em Limassol, podendo organizar eficazmente a formação e gestão de sociedades em Chipre.

    Este ano e até à data foram registadas cerca de 8.000 novas sociedades em Chipre (Janeiro a Setembro de 2014).

    Alguns dos benefícios acessíveis às sociedades estabelecidas em … more