Lisbon Office

Dixcart Portugal Lda
Av. António Serpa, nº 32, 9°A 
1050-027 Lisbon
Tel: +351 218 530236
Email: advice.portugal@dixcart.com

Dixcart Portugal provides expertise to international clients, both companies and individuals, seeking to benefit from the organisation of their activities in Portugal. We also provide advice to intermediaries located in countries across the globe who wish to take advantage of the benefits available in the jurisdiction of Portugal for their clients.

We establish, manage and control companies in Portugal. We also provide advice regarding the statutory obligations of companies in Portugal.

  • Portugal is a member of the EU and has an extensive network of Double Tax Treaties.
  • Portugal offers a favourable Holding Company Regime.
  • The Portuguese Golden Visa is an attractive regime for non-EU individuals seeking to move their location of residence.
  • The Non-Habitual Residence Regime offers an attractive tax regime for individuals, both from within the EU and outside the EU, who have not been tax resident in Portugal for the previous five years.
  • Madeira is part of Portugal and Portuguese companies registered in the International Business Centre of Madeira enjoy a 5% corporate tax rate, guaranteed until 2027. Dixcart has an office in Madeira.
  • Portugal offers an attractive aircraft register.
  • The Azores are part of Portugal. The Azores has an attractive rate of VAT and is a favoured location for the importation of yachts.

Lisbon - Services

The Dixcart office in Portugal offers a comprehensive range of corporate services as well as services to individuals, particularly those seeking to relocate to Portugal:

Corporate Services

  • Company incorporation and management.
  • Provision of comprehensive compliance and corporate governance services.
  • Registration of intellectual property to maximise the available tax efficiencies.
  • Assistance with and the structuring of aircraft, ship and yacht registration.

Services for Individuals

  • Family office services.
  • Relocation of individuals taking advantage of the Portuguese Golden Visa Regime.
  • Applications for individuals to enjoy the benefits of Non Habitual Resident status in Portugal.  

The image below links to a PDF of our brochure - The Portuguese Golden Visa and an Investment Opportunity