David Burge

Business Development Manager - ACIS

David joined Dixcart as Business Development Manager in September 2006. David previously left the UK in 1989 for a contract with a bank in the Cayman Islands. Having risen to the position of General Manager, in 1997 he left Cayman to set up the bank’s Trust and Fund Administration operation in the Isle of Man. Whilst in Cayman, marketing was one of David’s major functions. He frequently visited the USA, in particular marketing to major New York law firms.

David’s role is to introduce Dixcart to potential clients and intermediary contacts and to advertise its biannual seminars. He operates across the UK and specific European cities. Dixcart has offices in ten locations worldwide and David has a thorough knowledge of each of these jurisdictions. His primary focus is in developing clients in the UK, in particular those located in London.