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Dixcart Management (IOM) Limited
69 Athol Street
Isle of Man
Tel: +44 (0)1624 649250
Fax: +44 (0)1624 615603
Email: advice.iom@dixcart.com

The Dixcart Jurisdiction Notes listed below for the Isle of Man provide additional information regarding the Isle of Man and the formation of companies in this jurisdiction.

Dixcart Management (IOM) Limited provides expertise to international clients, both companies and individuals, seeking to benefit from the organisation of their activities in the Isle of Man.  The Dixcart office in the Isle of Man has been established since 1989 and is a leading service provider with a substantial presence on the island.

  • We assist with the management and control of companies, as well as offering advice regarding the statutory obligations for companies incorporated in the Isle of Man. 

  • Companies on the island enjoy a zero rate of tax on trading, capital gains and investment income. Businesses can also register for VAT, where they will be treated by the rest of the EU as if they are in the UK.

  • The Manx Government, through its legislation, has actively encouraged the financial sector. Consequently, the island is extremely well served by international service providers, fully licensed and regulated banks and insurance companies.

P. A. Matthews BSc (Hons) FCCA FICA
S. Doyle ACIS
P. Harvey BA (Hons) TEP
R.Woolford FCA TEP 

VAT Registration Number: GB 000 8920 15

Registered in Isle of Man
Company Number 45258

Dixcart Management (IOM) Limited is licensed by the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority

Isle of Man - Services

Dixcart Management (IOM) Limited provides full secretarial and management services for both Isle of Man companies and companies incorporated in other jurisdictions. We also organise and incorporate companies in the Isle of Man.

We initiate the organisation and incorporation of companies in many locations around the world and provide continuing management and secretarial services to those companies.

The Dixcart office in the Isle of Man has extensive experience in dealing with commercial and residential property and its corporate administration.

  • Serviced Offices 
    Dixcart can provide serviced business offices with workstations and internet connection, plus fax and telephone lines. A comprehensive range of administrative support and professional services can also be provided, including reception and secretarial duties, professional accounting, legal and HR support.  These services are particularly relevant to meet the needs of international businesses seeking to establish a presence in the Isle of Man.

  • Management of Companies 
    Dixcart managed companies are established with a complete corporate organisation. This includes the maintenance of statutory records, preparation and completion of financial statements and full documentation relative to the operation of the company.

  • Moving to the Isle of Man
    Dixcart Domiciles provides advice and assistance to individuals and organisations seeking to move to this attractive and tax efficient jurisdiction. For non-EU nationals visa and immigration rules are comparable to the UK. Immigration to the Isle of Man can entitle the successful applicant and his family to receive British Citizenship if all the relevant conditions are met.

  • Property
    The Dixcart Isle of Man team has a significant amount of expertise in dealing with commercial and residential property and with the associated corporate administration.  We have experience in dealing with property development, from planning to disposal.

  • Corporate Formation 
    Dixcart provides a comprehensive incorporation service in the Isle of Man.

  • Trust and Executorship Services
    There is no Isle of Man taxation on trusts formed by individuals not resident in the Isle of Man, for the benefit of non-resident beneficiaries. Dixcart is experienced in the establishment and administration of trusts. Trust law in the Isle of Man is well established and based on corresponding legislation in the United Kingdom, but Manx trusts are allowed to accumulate interest without restriction.

  • VAT
    The Isle of Man is able to offer both low and zero tax companies the opportunity to register for VAT, enabling such companies to benefit from the simplification procedure. This procedure enables companies trading with European member states to issue invoices without adding a VAT charge, as the company they supply will be required to account for VAT in its own country on behalf of the Isle of Man VAT registered company.

    Dixcart Management (IOM) Limited can provide local agent services for VAT registration on the island to companies that are not resident in the Isle of Man.It should be noted that in order to qualify for VAT registration within the UK, the company seeking registration needs to undertake an economic activity within the UK or have an establishment in the UK.

  • Aircraft
    The Isle of Man operates an aircraft register, of interest in particular to private owners of business jet aircraft. Not only is the Isle of Man a respected jurisdiction but a number of tax efficiencies are also available. 

  • Shipping and Yachts
    In July 1985 the Isle of Man became a full convention shipping nation and has its own shipping surveyors. A considerable tonnage is registered on the island's Shipping Register. To register a vessel under the Isle of Man flag the vessel must be owned by British citizens, British Overseas Territories citizens, citizens of the EU or EEA or citizens of certain other prescribed relevant countries.  Alternatively a vessel must be owned by an entity incorporated in the Isle of Man, UK, EU, EEA, Channel Islands or certain other prescribed relevant countries.

    Dixcart can establish structures that allow owners and operators of ships and yachts to take advantage of the island's attractive corporate tax regime and beneficial VAT arrangements. Such services include vessel registration, company management and administration, and additional corporate services.

  • Dixcart Global Fund Managers 
    Dixcart Global Fund Managers (DGFM) is licensed by the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority. This enables DGFM to act as a fund administrator for a wide range of funds, including specialist funds and overseas funds.